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Where Science and Magic Meet


Lecture Topics

The following lecture topics represent various areas which I have studied extensively:

The Pineal Gland: Third Eye and Psychic Chakra
The pineal gland makes a chemical
which is similar to a vine used by Amazonian Indians for psychic purposes, such as divination and healing when out-of-the-body. Thus the pineal is literally our third eye, seat of the soul. The implications of this are fascinating.

The Earth's Magnetic Field, Dowsing & Sacred Sites
Subtle magnetic forces affect the workings of our pineal gland, which leads to a new understanding of our subtle connections with this planet, dowsing, Earth Mysteries and Sacred Sites.

Where Science and Magic Meet
Both the world of magic and that of science are undergoing an extraordinary revolution at this time which is joining these two worlds back into one. Parapsychology, the scientific study of psychic phenomena, is the bridge.

The Faery Faith: The Oldest Myths and Legends in Britain
In exploring the myths and tales of the "fair folk" we reach back to a time of the Neolithic peoples, to the Pagan Celtic deities, the daemonic reality of UFOs and poltergeists, and the elemental world.

The Holographic Universe
The quantum view of matter is overturning the materialistic and reductionist world-view that has pervaded Western society for the past 300 years. It is essential that we come to grips with these concepts because they are radical, enlightening and an integral part of our present evolutionary shift.

Psychic Healing
Recent research into psychic healing has shown that just thinking about someone affects their body. And these effects can work backwards in time. Research has now been done with healers working in conjunction with hospitals and with organic farms, taking the laboratory out into real life.

Parapsychology and Yoga: Exploring Consciousness
What do we mean by consciousness, the mind, the soul? Learning about the Yogic concepts of these terms, helps us to regain a world view once dominant in Western culture (the Western Mystery tradition) where the psychic and the spiritual are an integral part of being.

Other Titles include:
Altered States & Psychic Awareness
The Subliminal Mind
Working with Your Dreams
Ghosts and Poltergeists
Out-of-Body & Near-Death Experiences
The Wise Woman
Clairvoyance & Divination

Walking Between the Worlds
Aquarian Spirituality
UFOs and our Psyche
The Celtic Lunar Calendar
Contacting the Inner Guide
Precognition:Travelling in time
Swara Yoga
Sacred Sites & Psychic Awareness

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